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Reduce Drug Addiction, Reduce HIV and Hepatitis C

 Reduce Drug Addiction, Reduce HIV and Hepatitis C

SooToday has gotten the adhering to letter from viewers Peter Chow in continuation of his comments on a post released Saturday about an ideas at a Downtown Association meeting that blue lights be mounted in a brand-new downtown plaza to discourage drug addict:

In 1990 Portugal was in the hold of heroin addiction. An estimated 1 per cent of the population-- bankers, students, socialites-- were hooked on heroin and Portugal had the highest possible price of HIV infection in the entire European Union. The government's feedback was one that Americans identify: it introduced significantly rough policies led by the criminal justice system, while conservative movie critics demonized drug users. By 1999, half individuals behind bars were there for drug-related reasons. Nothing was functioning.

Richard Nixon launched the Battle on Medicines in 1971. Ever since, the battle was estimated to have actually cost over a trillion bucks, over $80 billion a year. The result was 10 or 20 yr. jail sentences for belongings of a gram of marijuana. The US has less than 5 per cent of the globe's population, but 25 percent of the world's prison population. 1 per cent of the United States populace is in jail. Over half of inmates in federal prisons are there for drug-related offenses. Prisons jammed with small medicine culprits indicate more fierce crime transgressors on the street. An out of proportion percentage of inmates are black or Hispanic - 32% white, 37% black, 22 per cent Hispanic. The Battle on Medications is overtly racist - white elites grunting drug are offered forgiving punishment, while underclass blacks using split drug end up behind bars for 30 years.

The $80 billion invested each year on corrections is often mentioned as the price of imprisonment, but this figure significantly ignores truth price by disregarding crucial social prices. A new research, "The Economic Worry of Incarceration in the UNITED STATE" designates financial expenses to incarcerated individuals, family members, children as well as communities, which amounts to an annual worry of $1.2 trillion bucks, or 6 percent of the GDP. The costs are birthed by households, children and area participants that have actually dedicated no criminal activity. Generations of black children mature with no dads.

The War on Medications was planned to reduce drug use, decrease drug-related criminal offense, decrease drug-related illness and overdose fatalities, and interrupt as well as take apart organized criminal ventures. It has actually been an amazing failing, not just inefficient yet counterproductive, both domestically as well as abroad. The residential War on Drugs has added to a boost in medicine overdoses as well as promoted and also maintained the creation of powerful drug cartels. Internationally, it not just stops working in its very own right but additionally proactively threatens the objectives of the World war on Horror. The War on Drugs has actually turned Mexico into a war zone. Over 70,000 Americans died from medication overdose in 2017, more than the consolidated totals of the battles in Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan.

In 2001, Portugal took an extreme action. It became the initial country in the world to decriminalize the consumption of all medicines. Medication trafficking remained a criminal activity, however possession of percentages for personal usage was decriminalized. Drug dependency was being dealt with as a clinical concern as opposed to a criminal trouble.

Anybody caught with less than a 10-day supply of any type of medicine-- consisting of cannabis as well as heroin as well as drug-- is usually sent out to a local compensation, containing a medical professional, lawyer and also social worker, where they learn more about therapy and offered clinical solutions. No difference is made in between "difficult" or "soft" medicines, or whether usage happens secretive or public. What matters is whether the partnership to medicines is healthy and balanced or not.

Illegal drug usage by teenagers decreased, the rate of HIV infections as well as Hepatitis C amongst drug users dropped, as well as deaths related to heroin as well as opiates decreased greatly. The variety of drug-related fatalities went down from 131 in 2001 to 20 in 2008. Since 2012, Portugal's medication casualty was 3 per million, five times less than the European average as well as 2 per cent, one-fiftieth of that of the United States. Its rate of HIV infection has actually dropped from 104.2 brand-new instances per million, the highest in Europe in 2000, to 4.2 cases per million in 2015. Substance abuse has decreased one of the most amongst the 15- to 24-year-old population, those most at risk of launching substance abuse. Getting rid of the threat of criminal charges-- and along with it, a good deal of preconception-- has made it easier for individuals to seek treatment. The number of people in medication treatment enhanced by over 60 percent - decriminalizing drug use actually leads to extra drug addict intending to give up medications.

Other countries are following Portugal in medicine liberalization, including Norway, Ireland, the Czech Republic, Croatia, the Netherlands, Mexico, Columbia, Uruguay, Argentina, Costa Rica, Ecuador as well as Honduras.

In addition to these programs, lots of countries currently enable managed drug usage centers, where drug addict can eat medications in safer conditions with the help of trained staff. Such centers have been running in Europe because 1986, when the initial was opened in Switzerland. Others have actually because been established in several other countries, consisting of France, Germany, Spain, and Greece, while the city of Vancouver in Canada opened up The United States and Canada's initial overseen medication shot site in 2003.

Evidence reveals these sites can save lives, reduce public disorder connected with medications, and lead to a drop in the behaviors linked to HIV and also hepatitis C transmission. Yet in the UNITED STATES, they remain controversial-- regardless of numerous significant cities, including Seattle, San Francisco and also Philly, considering strategies to open monitored injection sites. Lawful unpredictability becomes part of the problem: the federal government is opposed to the opening of such facilities, and also state and also regional lawmakers have clashed over them.

It is clear that, on the ground in Portugal, healthcare employees feel much better outfitted to help addicts, frequently with a moving commitment, people mainly forgotten by the remainder of culture. What America and also Canada and also other countries can gain from Portugal is to treat people with even more dignity. Countries like Portugal and also Norway reveal that, without spending huge sums, governments can provide drug users the tools to place their lives back on course, while at the same time mitigating the results of drug addiction. But to do so, it will need to stop treating them like criminals.

-- Peter Chow

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My Story: Trying to Get Treated for Hepatitis C

My Story: Trying to Get Treated for Hepatitis C

I have been trying to get my hepatitis C treatment from India for the past several months.  Its been a very difficult time for me.  I got the run around from many Indian pharmacies online through India Mart.  I even sent money to one of them because the price was really good, about $300.  Then I waited and waited, nothing happened.  I didn't know what to do.  I kept asking those folks where are my meds, they said its on its way.  I just waited and waited, nothing happened.  Now, by this time its been over 4 weeks and nothing has happened since I sent the money to the company from India Mart.  I feel bad and angry because I got scammed, or atleast I feel like I got scammed. 

I was telling a friend about this, he said he will look in to it.  He asked his wife, Pam, to call around and find out which is the best pharmacy to order hepatitis C meds.  Pam also talked about Greg Jefferies and Dr. Freeman, and how they cut corners to get meds to patients.  Pam mentioned that most if not all the meds they source for hep C patients in the US or Europe is all 4th standard active pharmaceutical ingredients.  What that means is that the generic Harvoni, generic Sovaldi, generic Epclusa, generic Daklinza and generic Mavyret are of the lowest quality product that they themselves make in a small dirty kitchen lab in India.  I was floored when I heard this.

Then I wondered what standard of hep c meds will I get if I ordered from India.  Pam, talked to her colleagues who all work in Big Pharma, said there are excellent high quality manufacturers and you can't go by the brand name.  The reason being is that they know that foreigners are buying these meds and they skimp on the quality.  The truth is if an Indian buys the hep c meds, the quality is ISO 9001 certified and audited by FDA. 

The Indian government does not want to take chance on their pharmaceutical industry because 95% of the generic of hep C meds, its supplied to the US market. Then I wonder, how do I get my hands on my generic Harvoni from India. 

Pam kept searching and talking to people, then she heard about an American doctor at Mayo Clinic that works with a non profit that helps Americans get hepatitis C treatment from India.  The road leads back to India.

She finds out who this non profit is and to her surprise its setup by Americans and Indian Americans.  Immediately she calls the number she got online and glad to hear and American mans' voice, Chris. After talking to Chris for a half hour, Pam orders my meds and within 10 days, I got my meds.

I owe Pam so much thanks and appreciation for all the work she has done. 

Now, I am in my 8 week of treatment and really I feel great, no side effects.  At first, it was a bit hard, not that much, just a strange battle sensation in my body was going on for about  a week.  After that, I just felt getting better and better.

I wish you the best of luck in getting treated for your hepatitis C.  Believe me, you can get the meds too and get cured.

John Wenthrop

Manatee Pushes Syringe Exchange Program Despite Setbacks

 Manatee Pushes Syringe Exchange Program Despite Setbacks

Manatee Area Commissioners have actually voted to apply a syringe exchange program for drug users as well as the region is poised to come to be just the 3rd in Florida to do it.

Manatee Region has actually had one of the most awful medication issues in the state over the last few years, the numbers surprising, the services couple of.

For example, there were 601 overdoses as well as 61 overdose-related deaths in between Jan. 1 as well as Nov. 5. That's a great deal, no question too many. Yet there are other by-products of the issue and perhaps you have actually seen one at a playground by your residence.

They are called unclean needles.

On Tuesday the Manatee Region Payment did something crucial that went somewhat undetected, and the action they took might not just minimize overdoses yet assist the neighborhood in its entirety.

It's called the Contagious Illness Removal Act. Gov. Ron DeSantis signed it into legislation on June 27, and it authorizes county payments to apply a program where drug users can trade unclean needles for new ones. Though the program's suggestion has remained in location throughout the world for years, the United States has been slower to act, Florida in particular. Manatee Area is poised to become only the 3rd region in the state to execute it. Dade has actually been doing it for three years, as well as the results have been urging.

With substance abuse comes filthy needles and also with filthy needles come a slew of issues, amongst them transmittable diseases. In 2017-- statistically a headache in Manatee Region for substance abuse-- there were 457 cases of Hepatitis C reported and also 38 cases of HIV. Clean needles can have helped in reducing those numbers, conserving taxpayers cash at the same time.

The program, according to figures, gives a typical roi of $7.58 for every single dollar. And as part of the regulation, state, region or local funds can not be made use of, just funds via grants or private donations, meaning the government is denying needles for addict. Manatee County still needs to locate a company happy to money it, and a facility to operate it from.

Critics state all this does is promote substance abuse, that it does nothing to prevent it, however there are various other advantages. An individual registered in the program can obtain individual time with a health care service provider at the exchange, receive references for treatment programs and obtain immunized against contagious conditions. As opposed to going after an addict-- which is essentially chasing a ghost-- they come to you as well as perhaps they obtain clean. Several research studies from significant cities have shown this technique works.

Still not persuaded this not does anything but promote more substance abuse? Then check out it from the other side. The law enforcement side, the actual people attempting to clear areas of medicines.

Research studies have shown nearly 30 percent of police policemans obtain supported needles in the line of duty, more than ever get fired. Regarding 27 percent get stuck twice or more. Consider it: Would certainly you intend to pat down a lawbreaker who "forgets ″ he has contaminated needles in his pocket?

There are still obstacles before this begins. A company willing to fund the program has yet to be located, for instance, yet the region commissioners ought to be commended for taking the very first step

Hepatitis B is Getting a Push in Research

 Hepatitis B is Getting a Push in Research

Illness and viruses can establish resistance to various treatments and also it's because of that Aligos Therapeutics is developing 3 different treatments for liver disease B with some grants from NIH.

Aligos Therapeutics Chief Executive Officer Lawrence Blatt told BioSpace that the different properties in development address different elements of the infection. Having mix treatments is something of a need with a virus like hepatitis B, he stated. The relevance of mix treatments was something medication programmers learned when checking out treatments for HIV. Blatt said monotherapies confirmed mostly inefficient and also the infection developed resistances versus the drugs.

"Only when we had three-way therapies did we see the reactions we're seeing today," Blatt said.

And that's what Blatt as well as the Aligos team wishes to see in HBV. The 3 properties are designed to collaborate to provide a hoped-for best feedback. For HBV, Aligos is creating a capsid setting up modulator (WEBCAM), a little particle allosteric prevention, an S-antigen Transport-inhibiting oligonucleotides Polymer (QUIT), which has an unknown device of action and an antisense oligonucleotides, which bind to corresponding messenger RNAs (mRNAs) and cause their deterioration through the enzyme Ribonuclease H. In combination, Blatt said the possessions have actually shown "collaborating knockdown" in preclinical research studies and also the business is really hoping that will certainly "bode well" when the products go into the clinic in 2020. Situation in point, with the WEB CAM possession, Blatt stated Aligos had shown the highest strength of any type of CAMERA currently in the clinic.

Considering the firm's future development plans in HBV, Blatt claimed the strategy is to relocate the 3 assets right into the facility for monotherapy study in 2020 and afterwards begin mix researches. His hope with the internal established treatments is to find a program that will certainly "accomplish a continual useful remedy in HBV." The planned timeline is for the QUIT possession to enter the clinic in the 2nd quarter of 2020, the WEB CAM property to enter in the third quarter as well as the ASO property by the end of the 4th quarter.

Liver disease B is a liver infection brought on by the liver disease B infection. Symptoms and signs of hepatitis B include stomach discomfort, high temperature, joint discomfort, anorexia nervosa, nausea, weakness as well as tiredness, as well as a yellowing of the skin. If the infection becomes persistent, implying it lasts for longer than 6 months, it can cause liver failing, liver cancer cells or cirrhosis of the liver. Numerous companies are working on therapies for persistent liver disease B. Gilead Sciences, which created drugs that provided an useful cure for liver disease C, is establishing Vemlidy for chronic liver disease B. Roche and also Dicerna teamed up to develop an RNA interference (RNAi) treatment for chronic HBV. Previously this year, Janssen Pharmaceuticals flaunted information from a recurring Phase I/II professional research study of JNJ-3989, an RNAi property in HBV. Janssen's item targets the liver disease RNA specifically as well as quits it from making surface antigens. GlaxoSmithKline accredited an Ionis-developed therapy for people with persistent liver disease B infection (CHB) infection following positive Phase II outcomes.

Along with liver disease B, Aligos is also establishing a treatment for nonalcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH). At the Liver Satisfying in South San Francisco last month, the company presented data highlighting the preclinical efficiency of its thyroid hormonal agent receptor beta (THR-β) agonist for NASH. The possession, ALG-055009, lowered cholesterol in an obvious as well as sustained style after a solitary dose as well as demonstrated exceptional bioavailability when carried out by mouth, the business claimed. Like the HBV possessions, Aligos is intending on taking the NASH item into the center soon. Nevertheless, unlike the HBV assets, Blatt said the company will likely look at locating a development companion for ALG-055009. Blatt claimed the firm is in talks with some business, but, as might be expected, Blatt did not reveal what business Aligos is in talks with for a partnership offer. In the NASH area, there are various players, particularly provided the truth that there are no as-of-yet approved therapies for the disease. Gilead is operating in the area. The Foster City, Calif.-based firm has selonsertib, firsocostat and also cilfexor in various mixes to deal with NASH in several professional trials. Various other business, such as Genentech, Curis, Viking Therapies, Intercept Pharma as well as even more are also dealing with the disease.

NASH is estimated to influence more than 16 million individuals in the U.S. alone. If neglected, NASH clients encounter significant repercussions, including end-stage liver condition, liver cancer cells as well as the need for liver transplant. Present treatment requirements for NASH are way of life adjustments, including diet regimen, weight reduction and workout. GlobalData speculated the NASH market will hit $18.3 billion by 2026.

Sunday, February 5, 2017 is taken down by Gilead Sciences and up running at and

Our websites for the past few years has been taken down by Gilead Sciences.  The behemoth manufacturer of Harvoni, Sovaldi and Epclusa, stated that we were using their trademark names to market generics. 

Our attorney in our defense retorted that the said names, Harvoni, Sovaldi and Epclusa are known around the world for life saving medicine.  Its like saying I want a Coke but the shopkeeper doesn't have a Coke but they give you Pepsi.  Its a generic term that is used so common and never questioned that you want a soft drink. 

Needless to say after a month of litigation with the ICANN body and Gilead Sciences attorneys that we were forced to release the ownership of two of our domains, and

We learned a valuable lesson.  We have fully dedicated all of our resources to our 1 year old site as our primary site for all folks looking for generic hepatitis C treatments.  Gilead Sciences gave the license to Indian manufacturers to produce the generic versions of Harvoni, Sovaldi and Epclusa.  As previously we have made these treatments available at a fraction of the cost to most people around the world.  We will continue to do so.  Our mission is no patient left behind.   

One other very important development happened during this process.  Our organization was slandered and falsely denegrated for not being the real deal.  This was published in by Greg Jefferys.  Our organization had to plead with Greg to rescind all statements of malice towards our friendly non profit, in the US and the NGO, in India.  Greg claimed in his articles that our friend, non profit is not recognized by the US federal government.  Which is 100% false.  On the website, it clearly gives the EIN, Employee Identification Number, with a link to the, which is the Internal Revenue Services website of the US government. 

For those of you not from the US, IRS is the tax collecting arm of the US government.  It has the highest standards of who and what non profit organization receives the gold standard of US federal tax exemption. went through the 2 year rigorous process of proving to the US federal government that the services that they provide is and legally and rightfully tax exempt.

Greg Jefferys a Phd pursuant of journalism, conveniently overlooked this very important fact before throwing mud on  He not only threw mud o, he threw mud on for not providing legitimate treatment.  This saddened us to the core that a public figure like Greg Jefferys would write an article about our organization and our friend  Our reply to Greg was please contact our patient referrals, our doctors and our nurses who have successfuly gone through our program with flying colors. 

With all this said and done, Greg Jefferys did remove the defaming articles, however without an apology.  Our plea was if you are contesting the genuiness of our organization please verify what we state.  If you do not verify and continue to slander our organizations the hepatitis C communities around the world will suffer.  The bottom line is patients are in need of treatment.  We beg you not to distort our genuine service to help those with hepatitis C at large.  It was a great feeling when Greg conceded to our motion.  We want to say thank you Greg for realizing what we are doing is real and forthright.

China to Receive Generic Harvoni, Sovaldi, Epclusa and Daklinza Delivered by Courier, Guaranteed

Trying to send generic hepatitis C treatments like Harvoni, Sovaldi, Epclusa and Daklinza to China easy or difficult? 

Well several months ago, we had patients from China asking for treatment.  All the couriers we requested information from said it is difficult to send treatment to China.  It seems that an import/export permit is required to receive treatment.  For God's sake are you serious!!

What's the next step?  We contacted our international courier services again and requested it be shipped to Hong Kong.  Smiles all around, no restrictions whatsoever, smooth sailing.  So we sent out several regimens of generic Harvoni, Sovaldi and Daklinza.  At that time Epclusa was not available.  All of our patients' contacts in Hong Kong received their treatment without any issues. 

We would like to interrupt this message and sing in halls of worship halelujah for 30 seconds.   

Now in 2017, we're told all treatment headed to China can be send without any import and export certificates held by the receiver.  Well, we don't know if this is good to be true just yet.  We will experiment and see if our patient actually gets the treatment in their hands. 

We always recommend that all of our patients from China to receive their treatments in Hong Kong.  Its tried and tested and it has worked with out fail.  So, please take the time and effort to find a responsible person to receive the treatment in the more friendly Hong Kong. 

If you by chance of a proper method or procedure to receive treatment in mainland China, please share with  You can also email us at  We're also available at our US telephone number 1-858-952-1077, 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

We look forward to any assistance or knowledge you can share with our staff and our organization.  In the mean time, do whatever it takes to make sure you get the generic versions of Harvoni, Sovaldi, Epclusa and Daklinza. 

Jerry Still hasn't started his Hepatitis C Treatment: Generic Harvoni from

A few days ago we received a call from our BBQ restaurant owners in South Carolina.  The elder brother, distraught and frightened that his younger brother still had not started his generic Harvoni treatment. 

Our most compassionate advocate, Birat Krishna Thapa, was againt mortified with this news.  Birat is the type of advocate that goes through walls to make sure our patients get their treatment, start and complete the treatment successfully.  Then follows up 6 months later to make sure the hepatitis C virus is still undetectable.

Just a few months ago Birat was promised by the younger brother he would start treatment after the holidays have come and gone.  Now we receive a call from the elder brother stating that one of their restaurants maybe shutdown due to the irresponsibility of the younger.  Restaurants can come and go but people cannot.  Younger brother's lifestyle of drinking, smoking and womanizing will not help in fighting the HCV infection. 

Birat's number one concern is that the generic Harvoni that we sent them has an expiration date.  Why throw money down the drain?  Why be infected with hepatitis C when you can cure yourself with the treatment in your hands?  Why risk infection to your family and friends around you?  Why? Why? Why?  Its only going to take 84 days of treatment then you're scott free. 

The cost of generic Harvoni is $1495 for 12 weeks 84 tablets.  It dirt cheap compared to $95,000.  We're thinking maybe the cost is negligible and is not a cause for alarm with a looming expiry date.  We don't know.  We want to throw our hands up in despair.

However, Birat will never.  He's like a bloodhound that has a scent and is determined to make sure his patients are treated and live a normal healthy life.  We will keep you updated on what's happening in South Carolina.

.....To be continued...