Sunday, February 5, 2017

Jerry Still hasn't started his Hepatitis C Treatment: Generic Harvoni from

A few days ago we received a call from our BBQ restaurant owners in South Carolina.  The elder brother, distraught and frightened that his younger brother still had not started his generic Harvoni treatment. 

Our most compassionate advocate, Birat Krishna Thapa, was againt mortified with this news.  Birat is the type of advocate that goes through walls to make sure our patients get their treatment, start and complete the treatment successfully.  Then follows up 6 months later to make sure the hepatitis C virus is still undetectable.

Just a few months ago Birat was promised by the younger brother he would start treatment after the holidays have come and gone.  Now we receive a call from the elder brother stating that one of their restaurants maybe shutdown due to the irresponsibility of the younger.  Restaurants can come and go but people cannot.  Younger brother's lifestyle of drinking, smoking and womanizing will not help in fighting the HCV infection. 

Birat's number one concern is that the generic Harvoni that we sent them has an expiration date.  Why throw money down the drain?  Why be infected with hepatitis C when you can cure yourself with the treatment in your hands?  Why risk infection to your family and friends around you?  Why? Why? Why?  Its only going to take 84 days of treatment then you're scott free. 

The cost of generic Harvoni is $1495 for 12 weeks 84 tablets.  It dirt cheap compared to $95,000.  We're thinking maybe the cost is negligible and is not a cause for alarm with a looming expiry date.  We don't know.  We want to throw our hands up in despair.

However, Birat will never.  He's like a bloodhound that has a scent and is determined to make sure his patients are treated and live a normal healthy life.  We will keep you updated on what's happening in South Carolina.

.....To be continued...

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