Sunday, February 5, 2017

James Finds Hepatitis C Treatment: Generic Harvoni for $1495 12 weeks, 84 tablets

What in God's name is going on with our country?  The reason I ask is, I am a patriot, a war veteran and an accountant at a large insurance company in California. 

I served our country because that is what my ancestors before me have done to give my family and I our freedom.  It is the highest honor personally for me as an American.  My accounting degree from USC is secondary to my service.

While serving in the Iraq war I was injured and found out later I was infected with hepatitis C.  The VA hospitals provided great care but not the treatment.  My GI doc said we are not allowed to give you the treatment just yet because your liver is overall healthy.  Its true, I don't drink or smoke.  I eat healthy and exercise regularly.  I agreed to wait until I cleared to receive treatment. 

Just want to let you know this was before the VA agreed to provide treatment to all veterans. 

Our doctor recommended that my entire family get tested for hepatitis C.  My wife and our two children.  The children were negative for HCV but my wife wasn't.  My darling wife panicked and became horrified.  We had TRICARE.  Which is great unless you have a condition that requires very expensive treatment. 

My wife consulted with numerous doctors regarding treatment for both of us.  They all said there is nothing we can do.  A nurse friend of my wife said I had hepatitis C but I was cured in a few weeks.  Her insurance also denied her.  She went through to get her generic Harvoni.  She asked the company to make sure they provide references, which they did.  Physicians, nurses and a few University hospitals and clinics from around the country.  She was impressed.  She dug in to the company more and found out they're a partner of an American non profit.  The whole organization was setup to serve mostly Americans that cannot get many different types of treatment that is out of reach for most patients. 

We want the world to know that my wife and I are now cured of hepatitis C.  We had no viral load after 6 weeks, but our GI said to complete the course.  We tested again after 6 months and again no viral load detected.  We want to thank Dr. Warren McCray of and's Melissa McKnight, Birat Thapa, Jennifer Haton and other support staff for providing a venue to get treatment.

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