Thursday, January 12, 2017

University of Arizona Hospitals and Clinics Patient treated with generic Harvoni beat Hepatitis C

We want to give you an update.  Approximately 6 months ago a patient from the University of Arizona hospital and clinics was referred to us for generic Harvoni.  After few weeks of treatment our patient had his blood work done and it was clear.  The treatment recommended was generic Harvoni.  At that time we had provided Resof L by Dr. Reddy's Laboratories brand manufactured by Hetero Drugs (Gilead Sciences official partner).  Then a couple more months go by, the treatment was completed and lab results showed no viral load present.  We were obviously very happy and 95% expected the results.  Our patient's wife informed us they we're not completely out of the woods yet.  Its seems that her husband had been treated in the past but the virus came back.  They were on peg interferon and ribavirin treatment.  The doctor informed them that to do another lab test in 3 months.  Well, our patient's lab tests confirmed no viral load.  We're very happy with the results.  Our patient's wife Jill said that they will do another test in another 6 months.  We're confident that the results will be negative for hepatitis C.

Please email your stories or give us a call about your experiences with treatment with the generic versions of Harvoni, Epclusa, Sovaldi and Daklinza.

Until then we wish you the best of health.


Melissa McKnight

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